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Please enjoy some of Josh's current best finds found live on stream.

Click here to see all of the finds Josh has had recorded on the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS).


Celtic Stater

Josh found this Stater live on Reddit back in December 2020. It's a full Celtic Stater of the Belgae Tribe dating to around 50BC.


1788 Half Guinea

This beautiful gold half guinea of George III was found on stream, whilst searching a ridge & furrow field. This is only the second gold coin Josh has found, after the Stater.


Gold Bean Charm

Edwardian gold bean charm, dating to C.1900. It's made of 15ct gold, and has a set amethyst. 



Silver Coin Spill

Coin spill of 6 silver coins (5 shillings, 1 half crown), dating from William III - George I (1696-1723). They were stacked on top of each other in the hole, since the field had never been ploughed. It wasn't classed as treasure as the most recent coin was less than 300 years old at the date of finding (1723).



Posey Ring

A beautiful Posey Ring found on a dig in August 2020. The inscription reads "Gods decree fulfilld (sic) have we". It probably dates to the late 17th century. 


Silver Annular Brooch

A perfect example of a silver annular brooch, dating from 1600-1700. Because it's silver, and is more than 300 years old, it had to go through the treasure process, but Josh was ultimately allowed to keep it after it was disclaimed. 


William III Sixpence

The condition of this sixpence is exceptional considering its been buried for over 300 years. Most coins of William III are very badly worn, so to find an example like this is very special.


Bronze Age Chisel

This chisel is one of only a few found in the South West of England. It dates to 1000BC, and is the oldest metal object found to date.


First Hammered Coin

Although not in the greatest of condition, this was Josh's first ever hammered coin found metal detecting. The obverse is unfortunately blank, but from the reverse we can date it from Edward III - Richard III (1327-1485).


Roman Brooch

Not in very good condition, but it's the first and only Roman Brooch Josh has found, ands therefore deserves a spot in the gallery. It dates to around 70-120AD, and to date is the only Roman item found in the area. 

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